Board of Directors


Graham Moodie, President and Volunteer Coordinator
Melanie Cutting, Past President
Judy Keenan, Vice-President and Responsible for Grounds
Pauline Farrugia, Treasurer and Concert Organizer
Dinah Duffield, Exhibitions Coordinator
Kathleen Adams, Director
Daniella Bernstein, Director
Wendy Durrant, Representative of LAHMS
Esther Barnett, Representative of LAHMS
Nancy Robert, Executive Director

Permanent Staff


Nancy Robert, Executive Director
Julie Marleau, Assistant Director
Laurie Hamel, Mediation and Cultural Programming Coordinator



Volunteers are an important part of the functioning of Uplands.

Year after year, they give their time, share their expertise and make Uplands a warm place that is in tune with its community.

Do you like meeting people? Do you have a green thumb or an eye for decorating? We are always on the lookout for new talent to join our team!


Employment Opportunities

We are not currently hiring. However, we do accept spontaneous applications:

Youth Summer Jobs  2023

Our summer job recruiting process has ended. We would like to thank all applicants for their interest in Uplands!