Recent Works

August 28 to October 30, 2022


The Uplands art gallery is currently presenting recent works by artists Denis Palmer and Rejean CĂ´tes. The exhibit continues until October 30, 2022. Admission is free.

Artist Statements

” I love to draw, and I truly enjoy the hunt for a subject. Many years ago, I developed a serious case of wanderlust for distant places, and now, though I don’t wander very far, drawing beckons my curiosity down interesting paths still. Age and changing social conditions of the last few years have interrupted the way I normally work, the tendency now being to isolate amid natural subjects like trees and water. Old sketches and new, in the woods and waterways near home, have lately evolved into woodcut prints. Carving a woodblock for an hour or so on a late winter afternoon, for me, seems an ideal way to embrace the season and enjoy the warmth of home as the sun goes down. “

– Denis Palmer

” Self-taught, I produced pottery professionally from 1972 to 1982. During this period, functional stoneware, and porcelain pieces, produced in medium-sized series, were featured in private boutiques and “Salons des MĂ©tiers d’Arts” in Sherbrooke, Quebec, and Montreal. Towards the end of this period, the series became smaller, the pieces more elaborate and more ornate. Also, I briefly explored environmental ceramics by producing a few murals. During the Sherbrooke “Salon des MĂ©tiers d’arts 1982,” I won an award of excellence for a mural piece, produced in collaboration with artists Denis Palmer and Manon Bouchard. Like many craftsmen of that time, the crisis of the early 80s led to the closure of the workshop in early 1983. In 2005, following 17 years of involvement in the health care system, more specifically in mental health, I reconnected with pottery. The current approach is more oriented towards the research, diversity, and uniqueness of each piece. Also, the use of wood for combustion allows the exploration of various styles of pottery including primitive, black pottery. In recent years, my production has decreased in quantity in favour of teaching. Also, I collaborate more and more with other artists to decorate the works. Anne Letendre, and more recently Marianne Cusson, co-signed a good number of pieces. “

– RĂ©jean CĂ´tes

Exposition Uplands Automne 2022

Exhibit at Uplands

Would you like to show at Uplands? We invite you to send us your application accompanied by photos or a link to the portfolio on your website or Facebook page. Uplands’ Exhibitions committee prepares its annual programming in the fall. We will communicate with all artists having applied during the year. Please note that the exhibits present works and artists linked to the Eastern Townships