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Exhibits 2017


Februay 5 to March 26, 2017

Aquarellistes du lundi 

 Vernissage : February 5, 2017 (2pm to 4pm) 


April 2 to May 21, 2017

BU/Champlain Collective

 Vernissage : April 2, 2017 (2pm to 4pm) 


May 28 to July 9, 2017

Guy-Anne Massicotte and Paul Duval

 Vernissage : May 28, 2017 (2pm to 4pm) 


July 13 to September 3, 2017

Margot Graham Heyerhoff

 Vernissage : July 13, 2017 (4@7) 


September 10 to October 29, 2017

Intersection   | Art Gallery

Artists: Jean-Pierre Paradis, Kate Reed, Perry Beaton, Toshiro Tsubokura


Regalia, Native Pride   | Outdoor exhibit

Artists: Roland Lorente and Aline Saffore


 Vernissage : October 29, 2017 (2pm to 4pm) 


November 12 to December 17, 2017

From Nikitotegwasis to Lennoxville

Artists : Christine Sioui Wawanoloath, Debbie Everett, Ena Greyeyes, Joyce Panadis et Lucy Doheny

Vernissage : November 12, 2017 (2pm to 4pm)


Current Exhibit 


September 10 to October 29, 2017

Vernissage : September 10, 2017 (2-4pm)

As part of Objectif Photo Cantons-de-l’Est , Uplands presents two photography exhibits simultaneously: Intersection by Perry Beaton, Jean-Pierre Paradis, Kate Reed and Toshiro Tsubokura, and Regalia, Native Pride by Roland Lorente and Aline Saffore.

 Intersection   |   Inside Exhibit

Marking the occasion of Photography Month, Uplands has joined with 11 other cultural centres in Sherbrooke, Coatiook, St- Venant-de-Paquette, Valcourt and Sutton, to present photographic exhibitions. In the Uplands art gallery, the works of Perry Beaton, Jean-Pierre Paradis, Kate Reed and Toshiro Tsubokura, four Eastern Townships artists, will join together for the exhibit Intersection.


Regalia, Native Pride   |   Outside Exhibit

Outside, the large format images of Roland Lorente and Aline Saffore, Regalia Native Pride, will enliven the wooded area of Uplands. This exhibition is inspired from a project carried out over four years by Roland Lorente and Aline Saffore. These collaborators toured Eastern Canada and took part in more than twenty pow-wows, friendly and festive gatherings, to capture 20 striking portraits of the dancers: men, women and children from 14 different aboriginal nations. A veritable ode to native culture, this exhibit seeks to demonstrate the traditional values and sensitize the public to contemporary aboriginal culture, as well as reflect the diversity of Canada’s indigenous peoples.

The exhibit, Regalia Native Pride, is presented by Uplands as part of the Canada 150 project, From Nikitotegwasis to Lennoxville, funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage.



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