1) The Project


The Goal

The Project's goal is to bring together members of our community to create and display a collective artwork.

Individuals, groups, businesses and organizations alike will have an opportunity to contribute to the Melting Pot Mosaic.


The Plan

During a 6 class workshop, participants will create two mosaic projects (10x10 inches)  reflecting their idea of community.

  • Participants will choose one of the two mosaic projects to keep. (Uplands will hold an exhibit to give them a chance to show the rest of the community what they have produced).
  • The other mosaic project will be donated to Uplands and will become a piece in a larger Melting Pot Mosaic Mural.  These murals will be displayed in our community and will become a part of our visual heritage.

These Mosaic workshops will be offered a total of 6 times before the end of 2013, producing 3 to 5 final murals to display in or region.


The Process

Class 1:

  • Introduction
  • Design of first mosaic project
  • Choose materials and colours

Class 2: 

  • Transfer design to wooden base
  • Start the mosaic (glue materials)

Class 3: 

  • Finish first mosaic project
  • Design and prepare for second mosaic project

Class 4: 

  • Work on second mosaic project

Class 5: 

  • Grout first mosaic project
  • Complete second mosaic project

Class 6: 

  • Grout second mosaic project
  • Clean and finish

Information & Registration

For more details, or to express an interest in contributing, please contact us.

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