Group activities can be organised year-round and outside the visiting hours.



Uplands can welcome groups from 15 to 56.


Rental Events

Wine & Cheese



Annual General Meetings


Press Conference

Dinner Party

Book / Record Launch

Retirement Party

Baby / Bridal Shower


    Events must respect the fact that Uplands is a Heritage site.  Because the house is also an Art Gallery and Museum, loud music, dancing and rambunxious gatherings cannot be permitted.


  Tea Groups

We can accomodate groups in the Art Gallery during the cold seasons and in the garden during the warm seasons.

Groups can choose on of our three menus:

► Small Tea

► Traditional Cream Tea

► High Tea



Group rates are available for rentals.

If alcohol will be served, a liquor permit must be obtained at the rentors cost.


Information & Reservations

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