Educational activities

Bring your classes to Uplands and learn about Local History, Tea Traditions and Classical Sculpture

By offering a series of interactive workshops, Uplands gives children the opportunity to learn more about their Community’s history; culture; tradition and more.


Historical Workshop

In The Footsteps of the Speids

Before becoming a Historical Society, Museum and Art Gallery Uplands was the family home of Mr. Arthur Speid, his wife, and three daughters. This makes it an ideal setting for guests to learn and explore the life and times of a Townships family while learning about our town’s history.



1. Guess What?

  • Groups will be given hints and be responsible for locating the article in the museum.

2. Memory

  • After a tour of the museum, Students will have to identify selected artifacts and share a fun fact which they learned.

3. Blast From the Past

  • Students will interact with various items from the past and discuss the possible uses for them.
  • Match the antique to the modern counterpart.

Offered to grades 4 to 6


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Cultural Workshop

Tea Time

Culture Workshop - Starting in January 2012

For several years now, Uplands has offered traditional English tea services to the public. These services respect the British traditions in setting and serving, from the porcelain tea cups to the cucumber sandwiches.



1. In the Beginning

  • Students will learn a brief history of tea from its origin to when it became the height of British tradition.

2. Bits & Pieces

  • Students will explore the various elements involved in tea service and ceremony, including utensils, dishware, etiquette etc.

3. Tea Party

  • Students will dress up and prepare their own tea party using the information they acquired.

Offered to grades 4 to 6


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Classical Art Workshop 

Entertaining the Muses

Art Workshop - Starting May 2012

In 2010, Uplands began the development of a sculpture garden. Throughout the next few years we hope that new classical sculptures will be added to the Uplands garden for the public’s enjoyment.



1. Garden Stroll

  •  Walk the garden and learn about classical sculpture (brief history; material; methodology)

2. Be the Critic

  • Students will use what they have learned to create a critique of the works around them.

3. When in Rome

  • Using methods similar to those discussed, students will make their own art project.

Offered to grades 4 to 6


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Custom-made Workshops

Uplands is always happy to organize art workshops for your classes.  Give us a call to discuss the possibilities!


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