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 Art gallery 2019

Dates will be announced shortly

Art Bridge - part 3

Vernissage : TBA


Current Exhibit 

 Art Bridge - Our Townships

June 2 to September 1st, 2019

Vernissage : June 2, 2019 (2-4pm)

Uplands Cultural and Heritage Centre is proud to present Art Bridge - Our Townships, the second part of a broader project which combines art and cultural mediation!

Art Bridge - Our Heritage

Following the inauguration of the first part of Art Bridge / Pont des Arts, Uplands is proud to present the second part: Art Bridge | Our Townships. A collective exhibition which highlights the works of twelve artists from the anglophone community of the Eastern Townships. 


  Outdoor Exhibit

Art Bridge | Our Townships

Within the context of the Art Bridge exhibition, a cultural mediation project, Karl Forrest Ehrlich's photography will be on display on large pannels in Uplands' wooded area until Spring 2020.

Massawippi Dreams

The exhibit includes 22 large panels installed in the wooded area of Uplands. This exhibit presents the works of ecologist Karl F. Ehrlich, who uses photography as an extension of his life's work. He attempts to demonstrate the beauty of nature from a perspective centred around spirituality, emotions and the mysterious.



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