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 Temporary Exhibits

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Reopening in April 2017


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In the Footsteps of the Speids

Explore objects & artefacts belonging to, and/or made by members of the Speid Family (Part of an Educational Workshop)


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LAHMS Gatherings 

Free admission

Monday February 20, 2017 (7 p.m.) 

 A Victorian Valentine by Monique Nadeau-Saumier

The talk will feature poems and letters exchanged between Charles William Colby (1867-1955) and Emma Frances Cobb (1866-1945) a childhood friend, whom he married in 1897. The couple exchanged cards, letters and poems on St. Valentine’s Day for most of their long married life.
Charles William Colby wrote in his memoirs:
“By far the most important event was that I came to know Kitty [Emma Frances] well, inevitably falling in love with her… No one approached her either in beauty or liveliness, and where she went, admirers flocked round at once”.
Also featured in the lecture, a series of Cranberry glass vases decorated with romantic images and a wide assortment of vintage Valentine cards, from the Colby family and the Stanstead Historical Society’s archives.


Events 2017

Saturday June 10, 2017 (12-4 p.m.) 

 Cake and Ice Cream on Friendship Day   |   Fundraising event

Enjoy delicious homemade cake and Coaticook ice cream on Uplands' Veranda.


Saturday December 2, 2017 

 Christmas Victorian Tea   |   Fundraising event

Support a good cause while enjoying tea in Uplands' warm and festive setting.

Reservations are necessary.


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